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Hi everyone, my name’s Susanna and I’m your Italian teacher!

Here you can learn or improve your Italian, thanks to one-to-one classes via Skype: there are two types of classes, so choose according to your needs!

Set your time zone and choose the time most suitable for you: be ready to improve your Italian with me or with another highly prepared teacher.

All the lessons are in Italian, but if you are a beginner, we can translate each time the concepts to help you understand Italian better! 
Hope to see you in our classes!


  • Are you a new student? Watch the video to know how to book the trial lesson! It’s totally FREE! 
  • Are you a recurring student? Save some money and choose the package to obtain a discount!
  • Be sure to set your time zone and your Skype ID.
  • Lessons will start and end on time. We will wait max. 15 min. to start. 
  • If you miss the lesson and don’t inform us 24h before, we’ll consider the lesson as complete. Exceptions for real emergencies, if explained.


Made in Italy with love <3

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