Learn Italian! Comprehension: Apollo 11

Apollo 11: one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind! The mission Apollo 11 was and is one of the most incredible success of humankind.   Let’s find out what it happened in 1969: as usual, read the text till the end and then answer the questions on our Facebook page. Let’s start reading! APOLLO

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Learn Italian! Comprehension: Il gelato

Gelato: the real ice cream is italian! When the summer arrives, nothing can cool us down better than a juicy ice cream. Everywhere and everyone believes that the true ice cream is Italian. But is it really right? Let’s find out the origins of the Italian ice cream and the reasons of its spread: as usual, read the text till

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Learn Italian! Comprehension: Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda: poet, politician, diplomat   We think that literature is one of the most important aspects in people’s life: literature let us fly in other worlds, it can open our eyes about important matters, it can quiet our souls. This is the reason we have chosen Pablo Neruda for today’s comprehension: even if he’s

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Learn Italian! Comprehension: Il bikini

Bikini: the birth of the most popular swimsuit   Game of Thrones season 6 just finished one week ago, but for us winter has not come. Summer has. With the coming of summer, we immediately think about holidays, relax and the sea. So, today’s comprehension is about one of the most used “clothes” in summer: the

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Learn Italian! Comprehension: Bud Spencer

Bud Spencer: the good Italian giant Every nation has its own “heroes”, regardless the sector they come from. These influential people are sometimes taken as the symbol of the country itself or of some of its aspects. For Italian people, Bud Spencer was and still is one of this “heroes”: the good Italian giant. This comprehension talks

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